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Extradecoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Buyers can trade crypto-crypto at the exchange.

Extradecoin was founded with a desire to provide a satisfactory, dependable and comfy monetary platform for traders. In addition, we want to carry you the modern generation platform with the quality UIenjoy at the extradecoin platform, and at the same time construct the atmosphere to maximize benefits for the community.

Extradecoin’s included platform will offer extremely-speedy processing pace, in an effort to permit the marketplace to get high liquidity. So, coins waft is still processed and no transaction is helped due to the long ready time.

Extradecoin will assist common language across all consumer interfaces. The preliminary launch will encompass English and Chinese language, accompanied by way of Korean and eastern. Different languages will be delivered to extradecoin later.

The primary feature:

Extradecoin will allow traders to identify trades through restrict orders and marketplace orders. Similarly, the business enterprise will help margin trading with high-margin corporations which are integrated with the mortgage platform. In the near future, extradecoin may also construct decentralized exchanges. Thru a decentralized platform, buyers can transact cryptocurrency without limit. Extradecoin will broaden new buying and selling fashions, inclusive of transactional decentralization in blockchain to satisfy distinctive funding requirements.

Cryptocurrency news updates:

The modern-day news at the cryptocurrency market as well as the present day leap forward technology will be updated within the “news” section to offer a multi-dimensional photo and particular marketplace facts to traders.

Offline and online schooling:

To aid new traders who won’t be acquainted with cryptocurrency and to enhance transaction efficiency, extradecoin will release online and offline training courses. Traders coming to extradecoin can be educated in market know-how, buying and selling abilities and have the possibility to meet with expert traders.

Report evaluation and assessment:

Periodic reviews on the cryptocurrency marketplace may be evolved through professional analysts with information of modern generation and who have lengthy-term investment revel in within the market. At the same time, extradecoin will execute an in-depth assessment of ICO lists on the trading platform to help startup agencies. It’s going to additionally help pick out capacity ICO tasks that have enough pleasant and profitability for our customers.

24/7 customer service:

To carry the first-rate nice of the carrier to our clients, extradecoin will set up a couple of customer support channels with a view to function 24/7 to reply questions, help new capabilities of internet site capabilities, get hold of user feedback, assist in managing transactional problems and notify clients if
A hassle happens.

Borrow platform:

To boom profitability for buyers, extradecoin will play the role of an intermediary, in a platform that connects creditors and debtors. Buyers can also have unused cash in their extradecoin wallets so that it will lend each different to earn an extra monthly profit. Buyers, who want to increase their capital and are looking for new investments, can touch extradecoin to discover appropriate loans.

Margins mechanism:

Investors who need to borrow cash on extradecoin want to find appropriate loans primarily based on platform policies. The requirement to borrow is that investors must as a minimum have the least quantity of cash they want to borrow. That is the margin for use to assure investor loans. The borrower may be capable of getting a coin mortgage with a registered coin and, on the identical time, the interest could be paid via the coin this is registered lower back to the lender. As an instance, an investor holds the eth; they are able to borrow an eth loan at eth and pay monthly interest using eth. Investors can borrow as much as the quantity they deposit, because of this they’ll have twice the amount and buyers can use all this cash to alternate. Each month, the investor needs to pay hobby according to the terms of the mortgage. Interest might be deducted without delay from the borrower’s account at the date of interest price. On the adulthood date, the investor should pay each the predominant and interest as agreed at the start, plus 1% transaction price.


Mr. Duyen Tran — Founder & CEO
Mr. Phi Hoang — CTO of Extradecoin
Mr. Khanh Le — Community Manager

Ms. Linh Phan — Lead Operation
Mr. Nghia Phan — Blockchain Developer
Ms. Nhu Nguyen — Lead Content

Mr. Lam Hoang — Lead Support
Mr. Phu Tran — Lead Design


Dr. David Nguyen Vu — Strategic Advisor
Savio Gomez — Fintech-Blockchain/ A.I & ICO
Tim de Rosen — CEO ICO Direct
Dmitry Pshenin — Founder ICO Board
Jae Shim — Founder & CEO Bravo Coin

Bogomil Alexandrov — Co-founder & CEO Cargo Coin
Mardo Soo — Founder ZANTEPAY
Shane Rushent — Digital and E-commerce CEO
Loren Minel Andronie — CEO & Founder at xCrypt Ltd

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