GLITZKOIN – A Revolutionary Improvement of the Diamond Industry with the Blockchain Technology


The Diamond industry has been fast-growing, lucrative business for more than 110 years. It has always been considered as a separate and expensive business. This extraordinary gemstone has been an expensive commodity for centuries. But gradually because of investment and costliness, trust issue arises. We understand the concern to trade such an expensive commodity, a very sensitive issue.

So, GLITZKOIN came into existence to contribute to the diamond industry by bringing simplicity, efficiency, and transparency. The founders of GLITZKOIN believe blockchain technology will give a new height to the diamond industry. They are making a radical change to follow the following ideas-

  • Diminishing barriers
  • Increasing coordination.
  • Fostering trust in the transaction.
  • tracking & certification of diamonds
  • reduction of fraud and risk
  • Add value to the diamond industry.

GLITZKOIN’s vision/Goal:
GLITZKOIN is a global startup that aims to make a grave change in the diamond industry using the latest technology like blockchain or smart contracts. They aim to make the transaction secure without any third party intervention. Just assume, if you want to buy a diamond on online, where you will go? Website? Do you know the sellers of diamond personally? Are you sure, after receiving the money, they will send you the diamonds? What’s the guarantee they will maintain the quality of diamonds? How do you plan to send the money, through a bank? Are you sure, the bank will not do any type of fraud or use/sell your personal information? If the bank gets hacked, what will happen then? In the complete process, you just have to pray the bank doesn’t get hacked or steal your money. You have no control over anything. The whole procedure seems unsafe and lengthy. Neither have you had the assurance of anything, not your money, not the value of the product.

But in GLITZKOIN, you can directly contact the diamond buyers. No third party needed. It means, no expensive bank charges, no conventional broker. If you expand the meaning, it refers the affordable price, no more you have to pay high prices.

The second concern is quality. GLITZKOIN also made no stone unturned to add value to this particular feature. The sellers would list the diamonds by renowned diamond testing laboratories. The entire data of each diamond would be uploaded on the blockchain. If the information once loaded, it can’t be undone. It becomes permanent. Nobody can change or edit it. Now, there is no doubt that the quality of the diamond will be maintained properly.

So, GLITZKOIN aims to provide this kind of environment; they planned to add more features like shipping and insurance. Now you don’t have to worry about anything. You are finding all of the services on the same platform. It’s more than you want, and in one word, the whole project is extraordinary.

Being a reliable GLITZKOIN cryptocurrency, it contributes all the aspects of your needs. Most importantly, a reliable technical team, where web designers, web developers, ICO advisors, online experts and creative directors are present to meet all of your expectations and make the standard and experience superior. So, the vision is to make a reliable diamond trading platform with awesome features and customer services.


Advantages of the GLITZKOIN site:

  • Transparency and Authentication: The exceptional transparency and the quality of the diamonds will definitely attract the consumers and give the complete project a boost.
  • Data Protection and Hack proof: The data protection of the users and resistant to any kind of hacker attack is one of the important features of GLITZKOIN.
  • Diamond Tracking: Blockchain technology offers authenticated tracking with the entire history of the diamond. So, if anybody has any doubt of any specific diamond, they can check the entire history. There is no chance of any theft.
  • Convenience: It is highly convenient for all participants. But I believe Mining companies, Professional diamond polishers, retailers, and consumers can be highly benefitted.
  • The absence of middleman: Without any intervention of the third party, the cost would be lower. Now consumers will find the diamonds at a very reasonable price.
  • Security: GLITZKOIN committed to providing maximum network security.
  • Transaction: The transaction history will be securely stored in a blockchain.
  • Time-saving: The complete will be time-saving and hustle-free. The decentralized marketplace let buy and sell diamonds very quickly.
  • Technical Knowledge: To work on GLITZKOIN, technical knowledge is not needed. To study a little bit, you can easily understand it.


Elements of the GLITZKOIN platform

GLITZLOIN platform has several elements to perform perfectly. At first, a GLITZKOIN wallet needed to monitor tokens. The users can also acquaint themselves with the origin and history of the transaction through it. The sellers can also check the cumulative payments and other data information through it. API, another important element, while will give the consumers access to many types of work. GLT crypt, another innovative feature, which will establish the quality of these valuable stones.

GLITZKOIN Team made sure that, the seller and buyers get the access to all kind of necessary features and can benefit from it.

Diamond Exchange element:

GLITZKOIN network encourages the two parties to carry out the transaction with transparency.
The diamond exchange will have three elements:

  • Gem composite — specifies the quality of the diamond
  • Parallel composite — demonstrates the rarity of the diamond.
  • Indices composite: provides the entire diamond history for the traders.

The Diamond exchange includes AI neural network technology founded on all diamond data.

If any person wants to sell a single diamond, then uses the exchange to make a small contract. Then, that particular diamond will be sent to a custodian, who has the job to authenticate it using a feature called “industry certification standards.” If it is accepted, a Diamond-Smart Contract would be deposit in the diamond owner’s Glitzkoin wallet. And, the diamond’s holder is now the custodian. Now The Diamond-Smart Contract can be recorded on the Glitzkoin exchange and will sell directly to the potential buyer.

The Glitzkoin venture was started in the latter part of 2017, then it developed through the first four months of 2018, with the impressive launch of Paper and website

The ongoing Aims contains:
Q1 2019: Provide more impressive features to the diamond exchange.
Q2 2018: The sale of the Public token and also the development of the diamond exchange.
Q3 2018: The Listing GLT on global exchanges & also the beta testing of Glitzkoin diamond exchange
Q3 2018: The Development of diamond trace and track policy
Q4 2018: The Inauguration of decentralized exchange and trace and track.

ICO Token Distribution:

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) as the mode of
payment for GLITZKOIN Token purchases. The token distribution follows Management: 35.4%, Market making: 20% and Community: 20%.


The ICO started on 16th March 2018. And will continue its journey until 25 June 2018. The bonus depends on the holding of the total token. 10% bonus will be offered to the holders of 500,000, 8% bonus will be offered to the holders of 200,000 to 500,000 and 5% bonus to the holders of 10,000 to 50,000.

ICO Ratings

The ICO has got pretty much good ratings. Some specific ones, Track ICO: 4.4/5, Found ICO: 7.7/10 and ICO Marks: 7.4/10

How to buy Glitzkoin:

Overall/Conclusion Idea:
Undoubtedly, GLITZCOIN will bring a revolutionary change in the Diamond Industry. This project will spread a positive vibe on the Diamond industry for years.

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