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Lobtex is a privacy coin which aims to capitalize and contribute in the up-to-date way of earning cryptocurrency. It committed to bringing the best value to your cryptocurrency transaction with safety and quickness. We brought together an amazing team where SEO and online experts, ICO advisors, web developers and web designers, everyone worked hard together to add the best value and success in your transaction.

Privacy in Lobstex Coin:

Privacy is a big issue in recent years. Govt. and bank can tap your data whenever they want. Now a proverb is trending on the internet, “If you don’t buy our service or product, then we will make you the product.” A horrible truth. But actually, it happens. The social platforms like Facebook we use, they can sell our data or personal information anytime. The central authority, bank or any social platform don’t have any respect for our privacy.
But in blockchain platform, you will get your privacy back. You don’t need to share extra information. You can control your own data. With Lobstex coin, you will find your privacy back. Isn’t it amazing? Your tranastion would be secure and quicker than ever.

Advantages of Lobstex Coin:

  • Easy international Transaction.
  • Data protection.
  • Hackproof.

What is Masternode and its benefits?

A masternode is an exceptional decentralized server which acts as a cryptocurrency wallet. It performs some works such as:

  • Coin Mixing to bring the privacy of transactions.
  • Quick and Direct Transaction.
  • Private Transaction.
  • Decentralized government Agenda. “One masternode, one vote” system so that the verdict can be made by the group of people.
  • Supports treasury system.

Investing in Masternode:

Investing in masternodes is far more purposeful, it’s more than to invest. They are applied to influence when to raise the worth of a coin so the coins significant increase in the crypto market. So, as an investor, you can try many things. Let me tell you some strong points of Masternodes, so that you can have a better overview:

  • Profit: investing in masternode is a profitable business, you can earn the rewards, monthly, weekly or daily, according to your investment.
  • Improvement Decisions: You can give up-vote regarding coin improvement issue which is definitely a big deal.
  • Increase the Coin demand: Masternode also give you a golden opportunity to increase the coin demand. But how? Reducing the supply a fixed amount of coins of coins so that your coin’s demand increases. When the demand would be higher, the earning will increase.
  • Free from Manipulation: Masternode always follows a strict punishment policy to keep away cheating and manipulation. It has a high entry barrier.

How to Host a Masternode?

Just like any other node, masternode can be run by anyone. It better if you had some acquaintance with Linux command line. It will help you in the complete process.

An entry barrier exists in the system in case it gets malicious. To run masternode, you need entry barrier to commit certain units of your cryptocurrency.

You can also take help from third party server to complete the whole process. In this case, you have to spend some money. So, you have to keep a budget for it. The server providers offer multiple options for it. You can go for lowest to highest packages. But of course quality demands money. So, it’s better if you do it on your own if you have enough knowledge.

Why you would select Masternode?

If you want a passive crypto income, Masternode could be a good option for it. Everyone doesn’t have time to trade every time. People have to do the job and also have a family which demands their time. So, they can’t spend the time to trade every day. But when you own a masternode, you can make gain when when you are not trading. Isn’t it great? I must warn you, better gains made when you so trading.

A Synopsis of the Process steps for setting up a masternode:

  • At first, Setup a VPS, then install you desired blockchain project’s node software.
  • Then you have to give time to set up a local wallet. At first download the project wallet, then install it on your computer.
  • Thirdly, you have to transfer minimum needed coins into local wallet. Then, create a brand new address. After that, send the needed number of coins to your recent address. Super simple. Now you have the question, why we need to go for this lengthy process? To identify the obtainability of those coin for masternoding.
  • After this, create a masternode private key for the local wallet. Also, add a private key with necessary data to the masternode configuration file.
  • Then your job is to inform the server about your masternode private key, along with other data information, in short about your local wallet.
  • Finally, give a restart your local wallet and server software, in fact, everything. Then enable the maternode.

Helpful Facts on using Masternode:

  • You can’t spend your coins while masternoding.
  • Within one local wallet, numerous masternodes can be supported.
  • If your venture supports staking, then the additional coins can still be used for staking.

The basic requirements to setup Lobstex Masternode:


• A minimum amount of coins : 10000 LOBS
• A separate VPS (virtual private server) Ubuntu 16.04 x 64 operating
24 x 7 for hosting wallet
• A dedicated IP address to do the same
• Additional storage space for saving the blockchain

The masternode proprietors gets incentivized more thru presenting a collateral to the blockchain tool in contrast to pow or pos miners. due to this, Masternodes provide actual services to the whole blockchain in a validation machine of bondage. The involved bondage is not eternal due to the truth the proprietors Are answerable for providing balance as collateral or liquidating via shutting The node off. The blessings of having a masternode weighs more to not having One, as it affords extra consistency and locking the coins method an lousy lot much less Circulating deliver ensuing in appreciation of worried cryptocurrency.

Masternodes Reward Structure:

Collateral: 10000 LOBS
Mature Time : 4 Hours

@0 to 5000 : No Reward, 100% Miners
@5001 to 43200 : 50% Masternodes, 50% Miners
@43201 TO INF : 60% Masternodes, 40% Stakers

Staking Block Rewards
@0 to 500: 5 Per Block (Anti Instamine)
@501 to 100000: 40 Per Block
@100001 to 300000: 30 Per Block
@300001 to Inf: 15 Per Block

Lobstex (LOBS) Specifications:

Name: Lobstex
Ticker: LOBS
Algorithm: Quark
Type: PoS and PoW (Initially)
RPC Port: 15156
P2P Port: 14146

Block Time: 60 sec
~ 0 TO 43200 : PoW
~ 43201 to INF: Pos
Total Supply: Infinite (78.6 million in 10 years)
Circulating Supply: 3.5 mil

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