Blockchain era and cryptocurrencies are transforming the sector and the diamond industry is not an exception. No matter some nascent efforts, no blockchain surroundings targeted at the diamond industry has been designed that encompasses the diverse troubles confronted by means of the industry. The want for transparency, visibility, and objectivity within the diamond industry was felt many decades in the past. The need for man or woman to individual touch when processing a diamond purchase or sale limited the size of the market. Glitzkoin specializes in integrating the pleasant features of the traditional diamond enterprise with, the application and functionality of the trendy blockchain technology.

Diamond enterprise 

Diamonds are one of the world’s, and particularly Africa’s, main natural resources. An envisioned us$15 billion well worth of difficult diamonds are produced per year, of which approximately us$8.5 billion are from Africa (about sixty-five %). The diamond industry employs approximately ten million humans ound the arena, both immediately

and indirectly,ar across a wide spectrum of roles from mining to retail. International diamond earrings income continue to grow, growing 3-fold within the past 25 years, and are presently well worth in excess of US$ seventy-nine billion every year. The diamond rings supply chain (referred to as the diamond pipeline) is the manner that brings diamonds from the earth to customers. It has numerous exceptional levels:


This document outlines glitzkoin’s vision for the diamond enterprise. Glitzkoin seeks to build a blockchain based open surroundings for the diamond enterprise where all the exchange of diamonds may be conducted and coordinated. Glitzkoin is a worldwide startup that uses the pleasant of rising generation consisting of the blockchain, smart contracts and system gaining knowledge of to help inside the discount of danger and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces inside the diamond and valuable stone industry. We offer a full atmosphere for the diamond enterprise from a delivery chain solution, to tracking & certification of diamonds and in the end a decentralized change for the change of diamonds and related offerings.

Glitzkoin utility for the diamond industry

We comprise the modern-day blockchain technology into the delivery chain of the diamond industry. This opens up a brand new platform to behavior international exchange in diamonds. Except decreasing the fees associated with a transaction, glitzkoin gets rid of the inefficiencies that are inherent to paper-based transaction processing. A set of superior capabilities are applied to provide a very complex and distinct, diamond tracing and monitoring capability. The goal is to decentralize the market location for diamonds, this will hugely open up get admission to for shoppers and sellers of diamonds. The diamond trade does require extra ancillary services like transport, finance, and insurance. These services could be provided by separate service vendors. The glitzkoin undertaking will simplest integrate them within the platform and no longer be charging any commission or brokerage for such third celebration offerings.

Market developments and capacity

There is no question that the implementation of glitzkoin, will grow the market attain of the diamond industry. The increased visibility of merchandise and the attractiveness of a crypto forex will make it viable for diamond dealers in any respect stages to boom their marketplace percentage. At the identical time, the transparency of the whole manner and the authentication of the diamonds will instill confidence in both expert and first-time diamond buyers. The absence of middlemen and a lowering of transportation and other associated fees will allow for fairly competitive pricing.


The minimum buy amount is 100 USD if payment is made through any of these Crypto Currencies — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). For payment made through Bank Transfer, the minimum buy amount is 10,000 USD.



  • A global trade platform using blockchain technology aimed at improving the cost of transportation, lack of visibility and inefficiencies with paper-based processes
  • Connecting all stake-holders from Mining companies to Retail customers



  • Blockchain-based tracking for certified diamonds
  • A record of attributes, origin, and history of each diamond
  • Theft prevention by authenticating and tracking the diamond
  • Track stones all through their value-added journey



  • Facilitate trustless transactions between diamond traders
  • Allowing anyone to buy and sell diamonds
  • Facilitate ancillary services like shipping and insurance for diamonds fulfilled by third-party providers
  • Drastically cut the time required for trade transaction settlements

Road Map

Q4 2017

  • Initial Spark Followed By Background Research
  • Development Of Initial Concepts And Diamond Industry Outreach
  • Initial White Paper And Design Prototypes

Q1 2018

  • Project Scope, Token Use Case Design And Token Economics
  • Core Founding Team On Board
  • Company In Stealth Mode & Registered In Estonia
  • White Paper & Technical Architecture
  • Official Website Launch
  • Token Presale Launch

Q2 2018

  • Launch Of Public Token Sale
  • Conclusion Of Token Sale And Distribution Of Tokens
  • Diamond Exchange Development
  • Start Global Marketing Effort

Q3 2018

  • GLT Token Listing On Crypto Exchanges
  • Beta Testing Of Diamond Exchange Platform
  • Development Of Global Diamond Track & Trace System

Q4 2018

  • Decentralized Exchange Deployment
  • Global Diamond Track And Trace System Deployment
  • Bug Fixes And Enhancements To Deployed System

Q1 2019

  • Adding More Features/Tools To GlitzKoin Diamond Exchange
  • Continued Marketing To Increase GlitzKoin Awareness



Coming from a family that has been closely connected to the global diamond industry, Navneet Goenka brings two decades of invaluable experience to the GLITZKOIN advisory board. He has a thorough knowledge about the supply and demand sides of the 90 billion dollar industry and has been instrumental in identifying critical deficiencies and inefficiencies, that is pulling the industry into stagnation. These inputs define the core objectives of the GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain and cryptocurrency project.


Leveraging his strong business acumen and thorough knowledge of finance and economics, Mikhail Kozlov was one of the contenders for the post of President during the last elections in the Russian Federation held in March 2018. He is also an active participant in high profile television forums where he, shares his expertise in business management and managerial resource development. Mikhail Kozlov spearheads the business plans of GLITZKOIN in Russia.


Retiring as the Chief Of Staff in the Malaysian Armed Forces, Vice Admiral Datuk Mat Rabi Abu Samah ( Retd) has over the past decade, played a significant role in shaping the Malaysian corporate landscape. He is an alumnus of the IMD in Switzerland and has served on the boards of Khazanah Nasional, Langkawi Tuna Berhad, and Wilhelmsen Ship Services. Datuk Mat Rabi Abu Samah, is currently the Director of BHIC BOFORS ASIA SDN. BHD. With the public and private sectors in Malaysia, showing a high degree of interest in the GLITZKOIN project, we are honored to have the Vice Admiral (Retd.) on our advisory board.


With more than two decades of expertise in crafting fine jewelry, Paolo Albertelli is a well-known personality in his profession. He has always shown a keen interest in new technologies related to jewelry production and has played, an active role in promoting the Italian jewelry industry. Paolo has partnered many developmental projects that, aimed at bringing technology to lift, fine Italian jewelry to the next level. Some of these projects have now developed into patented processes and equipment. His profession and passion to share his knowledge and expertise has taken him to over 50 nations. He continues to attend global jewelry shows across the globe as an invitee.

Current Token Sale Update

More about Glitzkoin project please read the Whitepaper:

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  2. Adding More Features/Tools To GlitzKoin Diamond Exchange
    Continued Marketing To Increase GlitzKoin Awareness
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