The predominant blessings of StreamDesk over Its competitors.


P2P platform StreamDesk: Decentralized Application with a Distributed Database for the Exchange of Cryptocurrencies for Fiat Money

Minimum Fees

The user chooses transfer method himself, in most cases, there will be no fees in fiat money. Fees in the cryptocurrency vary from 0 to 2%.

Using Smart-Contracts

The application is built on the architecture of smart-contracts, which provides maximum protection for the seller and the buyer.

Fixed Rates of Cryptocurrencies

Buy/sell Cryptocurrencies at a fixed price. Information about the rates is automatically collected from the main exchange markets in the “Market” section.

Freedom of Crypto community

Fiat money and cryptocurrencies are not blocked within the platform. The exchange is conducted directly between the seller and the buyer.

The simplicity and facilities of the service

The cryptocurrency exchange has never been so simple and reliable. Suitable for beginners and market professionals.

Large-scale service without boundaries

Global coverage and presence in all countries of the World.

You save your money

Exchange of cryptocurrency for the traditional money significantly more profitable compared with exchanges and exchange services through fixed rates, low commissions and no hidden charges.

Protection of the byuer and the seller of the cryptocurrency

In the moment of sale the cryptocurrency is blocked in smart contract. After the transfer of the buyer’s fiat currency to the seller, smart contract unlocks and cryptocurrency arrives at the buyer’s account. If the buyer does not transfer the money in a specified period of time, the cryptocurrency will be returned to seller.

Technical support 24/7

Round-the-clock technical support.

Using Smart-Contracts

Smart contracts are an integral part of the ecosystem «Streamity».

The legality of operations

The policy of «KYC» is followed by the company «Streamity» and based on the principles of genuine partnership.

The freedom of crypto community

Fiat money and cryptocurrency on the platform are not locked.

A fixed exchange rate of cryptocurrency The ability to buy/sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price. Information on exchange rates, cryptocurrency is going to the main stock exchanges and is automatically generated by the website in the «Market».

Low commission

People choose the way of transaction, and in most cases, the commission in fiat money will not have to pay. The commission in the cryptocurrency varies from 0 to 2%.


আইপিএল লাইভ (সাকিবের হায়দ্রাবাদ বনাম চেন্নাই)। পুরো খেলা লাইভ দেখতে সবাই এই লাইভটি শেয়ার করুন এবং প্রবাসী টিভি পেইজটি লাইক করুন।

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